Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Feedback from S1-22 on final cut

We think that S1-21 have made a lot of improvements compared to their rough cut. The soundtrack we thought made the opening more successful and conventional to a thriller. The credits fitted in really well with the editing of your work making it interesting to look at. The low angle shot of Adam worked really well to show that he is the antagonist. Overall, we think that the final version fits the conventions of a thriller opening :)


This is our final thriller :)

Friday, 12 March 2010

feeback of feeback

As we had not completed our editing we knew what we had to improve, the feedback we received we already knew and yet to have to improve. We possibly need to move around our footage for it to be more fluent and flow together better.

Feedback of rough cut from S1-22

We thought that the narrative the was clear Jenny was obviously in peril. The location was good but the change from being in the corridor to going outside was a bit random maybe moving to a classroom instead could've been more effective. you could use more transitions and fades maybe use these when you add credits and a title.the lighting in the corridor was effective with the sun glow through the windows.

You could edit out the green section on final cut express to eliminate sound of the cleaner and you could go over this with the soundtrack. but using the cleaners noise would give you diegetic and non diegetic.

The camera angles were good. the low angle shot of Adam was effective and made him look powerful and in control.

feedback s1-23

There were no credits in this film which is required in this task.
There were several flaws in the filming, first off is the continuity of the characters clothes and location is bad because they are wearing different clothes in the same scenes and there is a plot holes because the characters change from inside to the outside without anything inbetween


We think that is was good being in black and white, we felt that it fitted the genre well.
It didn't flow well with all the jump cuts between shots. The shots were well used but need some transitions for it to blend better.

The narrative was hard to understand with all the jumping between shots. The locations were good but it was weird that it went from inside to outside then back.

There was a lot of background noise during the forest section with the people filming laughing. A music track would be useful to cover the noise.

Titles would need to be added to make it look more serious.

The mise-en scene didn't fit as the main character wore a different top from the start and the finish.
The use of colouring was effective, we thought that the choice to put the film in black and white made it creepier. It was obvious who the protagonist was and who the antagonist was comparison with one another. The hand held shot made the fil very chaotic and the random shot of the train was effective. From the high angel shots of the girl you can tell that she is in peril which conforms with conventions of a thriller. The use of diagetic sound was effective. We really enjoyed the idea of the film and there were obvious clues that the protagonist was going insane.
On the other hand we liked the shots but they could improve by being put together properly so as they look fluent and follow one another properly. The film would also be improved by some music which would add more tension to the film although we are sure this will be added soon.


It starts off with the protagonist in the corridor and we get an establishing shot to show the location where this opening is set, we also get introduced to the antagonist through the edits this is good because we clearly see a protagonist and antagonist. There is a good shot where we see the antagonist in the window and the protagonist looking scared.
You can tell the opening is filmed in a college because there are computers and a sign that says long road on it apart from this the location is good for this thriller opening.
The sound is a bit jumpy so is the editing also there are no titles or credits however the black and white setting makes a good thriller effect.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Evaluation Questions

The following questions must be answered in your evaluation PowerPoint:

1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

2. How does your media product represent particular social groups?

3. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

4. Who would be the audience for your media product?

5. How did you attract/address your audience?

6. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing the product?

7. Looking back to your preliminary task, what do you feel that you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

Monday, 1 March 2010


In the blog of the week they have included the dates of their deadlines, i think this is a good idea as they always will have it there to remind you. They have done well to analysis the small details in their opening sequence, giving examples of how to go about creating a certain atmosphere. having mugshots of the actors gives you a good visual analysis. They have screen grabs and photos that they have taken themselves of ideas where they are going to film

Poster Anaysis


This poster has a strong thriller theme we can see this by the style of the text all blurry and confused. The washed out color hints at a dark plot. Only having three teeth remaining and dentistry instruments grasping his mouth shows that this person could have been tortured. This off red/brown color possibly represents old dry blood. The slanted writing makes the film seen quirky. In addition the film is 'opening wide this Halloween', the image reflecting the 'opening wide' part, also the film is coming out in Halloween, straight away it has a scary aspect.

Straight away this poster shouts out that it is thriller. The blood dribbling down the girls face represents that, still we don't know if it her blood or not. It almost looks like it is raining blood. We can also tell that it is thriller because of the title 'blood hunter', hunter hints that it actually has a plot rather then a horror film is all about gore. The red drooping over the white, like its ruining it. there are also cracks in the background giving this poster an unsteady feeling leaving the audience no knowing what its going to happen


SAW 1;
Our inspiration for our psychological thriller consists of Saw 1, this is because some scenes from our opening sequence and clips from the film relate well to each other. The sudden change of shot types and flashbacks inspired us to go a similar direction.

This trailer is an example of what we are wanting to aim for. Throughout the trailer, you are able to stand a bit more of the story and whats going on, slowly letting you in. There isn't a soundtrack, just the sound of a camera flashing. This is the only light you can see with, at the beginning most of the scenes are pitch black.

This screen grab shows a clip from the film of a the hidden video camera in the room. This 'old fashioned' style of shot gives a more creepy atmosphere. During the film you can only hear people talking, finding out more and more about the plot. There are many different camera shots involved, such as close up; giving a more intense feeling and long shot so you able to see the location. You never are able to see the person/thing who is in control. There is many hidden mysteries still to unravel, making you want to watch more.

The inspiration we are taking from this is the whole mystery of it, slowly understanding more. The sudden flashes of clips show this well. Overall this will put the audience on the edge of their seat. The camera flashes we found were a good idea and may investigate into doing that ourselves in our thriller.

Friday, 26 February 2010

Target Audience

Our chosen target audience;

The 12A rating is only used for films shown in cinemas. It is given to films that are best suited to those aged 12 or older. However, people younger than 12 may see a 12A so long as they are accompanied by an adult!

We decided to choose 12A rating because it suite our thriller plan as there will be no violence or indecency involved. but our thriller contains a mature theme so is not suitable for a younger audience. And Although there is hinted violence in our plan there will be none so still conforms to this rating

The Guidelines from the "BBFC";

Suitable for 12 years and over. No-one younger than 12 may see a ‘12A’ film in a cinema unless accompanied by an adult. No-one younger than 12 may rent or buy a ‘12’ rated video or DVD. Responsibility for allowing under 12s to view lies with the accompanying or supervising adult.

Theme: Mature themes are acceptable, but their treament must be suitable for young teenagers.

Language: The use of strong language (eg 'f***') must be infrequent. Racist abuse is also of particular concern.

Nudity: Nudity is allowed, but in a sexual context it must be brief and discreet.

Sex: Sexual activity may be implied. Sex references may reflect what is likely to be familiar to most adolescents but should not go beyond what is suitable for them.

Violence: Violence must not dwell on detail. There should be no emphasis on injuries or blood. Sexual violence may only be implied or briefly and discreetly indicated.

Imitable techniques: Dangerous techniques (eg combat, hanging, suicide and self-harming) should not dwell on imitable detail or appear pain or harm free. Easily accessible weapons should not be glamorised.

Horror: Sustained moderate threat and menace are permitted. Occasional gory moments only.

Drugs: Any misuse of drugs must be infrequent and should not be glamorised or instructional.

Discrimination: The film or DVD as a whole must not approve of language or behavior that would offend a person’s religion, colour, gender, sexuality or disability. Aggressive use of this type of language and behavior is unacceptable unless clearly not approved of.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Evaluation of Feedback

The difficulties and faults in our ten second breakdown which the other groups have commented on i agree with. This is including that while reading through our blog is can become confusing. Although out intentions are good and we explored all conventions well, we were not consistent, so our opening sequence did not flow properly. Weather conditions may also be a diffictuly filming, capturing out footage in limited time. However the groups explained how we 'employed good techniques'. In order to improve our breakdown we need to be more clear on our plan. Although our idea was good and different to others, having a infulence from another film to aspire to in our film would give the audience a better visual image of our opening sequence. In addition adding screen grabs of images or parts of films to our blog, of characters will also help boost a grade.
Feedback form S1-24

Overall, a good blog; we would like to point out that the narrative is a bit jumpy. It doesn't seem to keep track; the part where, the female is running in the field jumps from the prior shot which has nothing to do with it.

Good ideas for the thriller though, we can tell that it meets the criteria for the genre.
Feed back from s1-22

for some sections no music is included, like section 41-50 seconds and some others. try to be thorough include similar points for each section.
you have employed a good technique whilst explaining your breakdown, but only in some parts. To spread this good quality over your whole piece of work, adding more in-depth detail and maybe adding some examples of other work which has influenced your work ideas and themes.

Feedback from S1-23

The narrative doesn't seem to keep track, it caused a bit of confusion for us to read, maybe go over the blog and make sure you have put everything you wanted to.

Add more detail to what the music is going to be like, and how it fits in with the conventions of the film.

S1 19 Feedback

Your finalised ideas blog is very well detailed and its shows a many ideas and descriptions of what your planning to accomplish in your Opening Thriller sequence which makes your groups intentions clear.

There is nothing to improve on within this certain blog as it shows a good level of commitment to your work. Well done

feedback from S1 20

After reading through the finalised idea, we can tell that they have a very strong idea and have covered all aspects of it well. They have used a wide variety of shot types throughout the opening sequence and music to fit the atmopshere such as low volume music to show heavy breathing.
Problems may occur when they are filming outdoors as the noise from the wind will effect the sound quality.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Filming Tips

- Use a tripod so that shots are steady
- Use multiple takes as to eliminate any errors
- have a shot list so filming goes according to plan
- Use a variety of mixed shots
- back up plan for shots in case bad weather
- Don't carry weapons in public
- Be respectful to the public

Health & Safety;
- Be aware of your surroundings.
- Carry Longroad ID card to Show you are filming for a project in case someone has an issue with us filming
- Don't film in dangerous places likely to damage equipment or ourselves
- Don't use children in the film if so get permission


- We will start to film on the 23rd of Feb and we will pick the camera+tripod up at 4:10 along with our actors we will be using.
- We will begin filming in the college corridors and then to Histon for the majority of the film. This is not a public place in Histon so we will not need to worry about our dangerous prop.
- We will use natural lighting and a spotlight for part of it.
- We will use Jenny as she studies drama and would enjoy helping us out and would benefit her also. Jenny will be the main character, the vunrable girl and Adam as the spooky man.
- There is not a lengthy scrip so characters can learn script on site.
- Film crue will be Ruby and Adam.
- Ruby will provide the props
- If the weather is harsh then we will suspend filming due course.
- On our first day of filming we will attempt to complete most of our filming on that day, however we will look through what we have recorded and i expect we will have to take the camera out on another day too. possibley too re-capture parts which didn't work out as well as we thorght.
- we will try to utilise as many shot types as our script allows.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Two minute breakdown

This is a list of our opening sequence broken down into a ten second description. We included about props, costume, location, dialogue and the storyline. This rough guide may not go exactly to the second once we have filmed but this is a good guideline to follow.

1-10; the first 5 seconds will begin a black screen and our ident will fade in, the music will begin a slow beat. The next few seconds will be the girl walking down the empty corridor, in everyday clothing, natural lighting from the windows near by shining in. At this time the atmosphere is beginning to kick in. For this shot our camera will be mounted on a tripod at long shot.
11-20; As the man appears behind the girl, a freeze frame of this scene will be shown, credits will appear and creep of the screen. As the girl turns, the man has vanished. While the freeze frame is on screen the music will be a sudden bass, giving impact on the action. This is all at long shot, however once the man has gone and the girl turns, it will be a close up of her face showing a reaction shot.

21-30; An image of a clean shiney knife will flash up at during our sequence, this prop will be a close up shot. As the girl continues to walk down the corridor, she gets paranoid, the atmosphere is heightened. She backs up against the wall, credits appearing during freeze frames. She slides down the wall in fear.

31-40; This next scene will begin of the girl jogging through a field, close up of her feet at first, her pass getting faster, beginning to run. The music becomes more intense and the beat increases. Camera angle will be a long shot to a medium. She will run past the camera. The soundtrack will stop and you will be able to hear her breath.

41-50; Flickering of the man appearing behind the girl yet again while the drama is happening. Flashes of the knife appear, and a photograph of the girl and man together, looking happy.

The girl runs into the shed, a dark room she enters, using a match on action shot we will show her entering from the outside. Her up against the door scared. In the next few seconds the girl will be in the fettle position. Her make up ruined and hair messy, a close up of her eye, tears of blood dribbling down her face.

while the girl is sitting in the spotlight suddenly a knife will appear in her hand she panics and jumps with shock. close up of knife and hand both covered in blood. using a spotlight will enhance in the intensity of the girls emotions.

71-80; A sudden clip of man walking towards camera closing in on the audience creating atmosphere. the guy will also be walking in an angry manor, looking straight at the camera. This shot goes into a close up of the guys face from a full body shot. The next scene is located in a grave yard, of the girl running....

81-90; as the girl runs past the camera, the man appears and begins to chase her. All you hear is heaving breathing and footsteps, rustling from the twigs snapping on the ground. It lighting will be dark showing depth to our opening sequence.

91-100; As the girl is running the man the man getting closer. The camera is handheld, wobbling about. the music is at a low volume as to emphasis the girls breathing and running

The girl is cowering behind a grave stone. The man appears behind the girl, the opposite side of the gravestone, slowing walking up. The girl is muttering to herself, paniking, looking around feeling venerable.

Build up of tense music he walks around the side of the side of the gravestone the girl spots him and begging even further with flashes of the knife appearing on screen then title of the thriller "Loose Control" then flash of the knife again but with blood

Monday, 8 February 2010

'Panic room' anyalysis

PANIC ROOM analysis;

The opening sequence introduces credits against the surroundings of the city this makes the audience interested more compared to just plain credits. The credits are introduced with many different shot types, including a pan shot and tracking shot. The slow intense movements makes the film a more powerful opening coupled with the music which appears to be a funeral tune. Using low beats and a slow pace creating a moody atmosphere, giving you the feeling something bad is going to happen anytime. The lighting is natural but dull making it very atmospheric.

Friday, 5 February 2010


We are going to use garage band for our soundtrack of the film 'Loose Control'
Our soundtrack will build tension, these effects will add to the realism, along with our non-diagetic sound of screams, heavy breathing and nearby rustling from bushes.

Agonist and Protaganist Comparison

Six Feet Under Analysis

As i have never seen the opening sequence to six feet under before, it appears to be mysterious, coming across quite peaceful shown by the colors and slow panning camera movements. Judging by the beginning it doesn't seem to be a violent thriller, although imagery of dead people, hands letting go of one others. The scene going down the long corridor, going towards the light, suggests death. The film seems spooky, the set of credits are shown in a very ironic way as they are showing things associated with death, or even major symbols of death on what appears to be a possible 'normal' day.

The music seems like a soundtrack that would accupany a childrens film, on the hand it has sudden sounds which makes your heart jump. Its a happy tune but odd.

The credits are unusual as they pop up and appear on such things as a gravestone, or a funeral car. This makes it quite quirky. The style of credits accompany the clip well, and the images begin to give away the genre of the film throughout. The credits slide off the screen with the camera movements.

During the opening scenes you begin to put together links through the images, this shows how important music is to a film or programme.

Mise-en-scene in our film and examples

The props we will use will be the knife which flashes in between scenes and the spotlight. The knife will give away more of the storyline and help viewers understand.

We will not use any sets as such but we will set up some lighting in the dark room.


We are using lighting such as a spotlight for the high angle fetal also we will use it to aid the effect of the man flashing in and out of the scene. Towards the end of our opening sequence, located in the grave yard, we will use natural lighting, we have decided to film this around dusk, giving a more spooky impact.

Costume and make-up;
The costume for our actors will be casual, however towards the end the girl's clothes will be slightly grubby, make-up down her face and hair ruffled.

Feekback from pitch

Various feedback and questions were queered;
Looking out for passers by and traffic is not an issue in our filming, however our location is a very deserted area and finding this is not to easy with out many interruptions, so planning is ensual.

We got told that using weaponry in our film was not permitted although it depends how you include this. Filming an 'attack' would not be allowed so we took advice from this and are just going to include flashes of a knife during our opening sequence, but at the end the knife will have fake blood dribbling off it.

Finding actors for our film is a dilemma as there is only two of us, so finding other members to use in our film is an important priority. The advice given was that we need to focus on finding actors soon as possible to help act in our film.

A few questions about mise-en-scene and sound was asked.
In conclusion i think that doing the presentation helped us think about smaller details and actually gave us more of an idea of what to include in our thriller film.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

'Why "Thrillers" Thrive' Review

Depending on how a story is portrayed with the characters, depends on if it is thriller or horror. In a thriller you feel more involved in the story, dragging you into the drama, a sense of reality. On the other hand a horror still gets you involved yet your more watching the action than living it. In the short story is describes at a theater it seems 'impersonal and detached from ourselves'.

Shot listings

The main shot types to be used are Close-ups, the reason for this is that close-up shots do not reveille the full picture and therefore create a mystery effect to the sequence. In addition it will show emotion on a high level and get you more involved in the clip.

the shot types to be used are;
Medium close-up,
Extreme close-up,
Long shot,
Mid shot,
Establishing shot,

Monday, 1 February 2010

Storyboard for Thriller

Our Storyboard
When it comes to filming our thriller project, having a storyboard will he a helpful rough guideline of our story to follow. The pictures represent the scene and camera angle. In every box there is a different location. As we use mostly all of the camera angles, i have written a quick sum up under the picture describing whats going on. Each box is roughly about 10 or so seconds. Our shot list includes the numbers of shots and better description.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Presentation of our Thriller ideas

Title possibilities;
'Vanished/Loose Control/Lost Control/Out of Control'

Using the title 'Loose Control', it straight away appears something is imbalanced. This implys mystery and confusing if things or people are actually there.

A pyschological thriller;
We chose this genre because we can add many different effects and ideas. Camera shots will be more relevant to a psychological thriller. By representing this by picturing flashing backs. For example someone rocking in the corner of a room, possibly with a high angle shot showing a vulnerable state of mind. This added with point of view shots showing the character looking around their surroundings, panicking.Possible locations;
woodland areas in Cambridge

- Milton country park, recreation ground
- College grounds/woods
- a dark room
- church yard

- 'Villon/Victim'
Ruby - Camera woman
Adam - Camera man/actor
Extra 1 - Jenny, main character
Extra 2 - Nathan? actor

Narrative Ideas for our Thriller;

For our two minute opening sequence we chose to do a pychological thriller. Our idea involves two actors, one male and one female. The clip contains a depressing mood, coming across mysterious and wanting to see what will happen next. Rather than having a goorey opening involving blood and guts, our short film will show what sort of drama can lead you too and will per sue a negative effect. Only having two minutes to give away the type of genre it is, we will have to think of unusal ways to go about it, giving a feeling of anixiety, like your world is spiraling out of control.

To begin our opening, the soundtrack will begin, a tense odd scratchy noise started the clip off, setting the mood. The title of our thriller appears on the black background. This will fade into a clip of our main character being introduced; walking down the college corridors, with sudden flashes of a man standing behind her. The girl getting paranoid, almost like she has done something wrong in her past coming back to haunt her. The eerie music accompanying the clip. She backs up against the wall, camera closes up to her face, her panicking and scratching at her face looking terrified. During this scene it will cut to a blank black screen with our credits appearing in creepy Gothic writing. Flashing of an image of a clean knife on the ground. The girl will be dressed in casual everyday clothes, as the man also. The camera will then pan over different locations of the woods, the girl running past from a low angle, the man close behind. The music begins to become more tense, the pace off the shot duration increases. Continuing the young girls paranoia getting into her mind, making her loose control, hence the title.. the scene is located in a dark room, using non-natural lighting, the spotlight from above lighting up nothing. From a high angle the girl appears, rocking back and forth, holding herself in a fetal position, the soundtrack stopping at starting at this time. Zooming into her face, makeup been ruined with her tears of blood. The knife suddenly appears in the girls hand, she jumps and drops it. During this there will be sudden clips of the man from different camera ranges, walking towards the camera. As the music becomes more intense, the drama picks up, this reflecting the atmosphere. Towards the end of our opening sequence it will be located in a grave yard, the girl running, screams loudly echoing during this time, the man extremely close behind, closing in on her, she falls and crawls backwards backing up against a grave stone, once again the images of the knife flashing before our eyes. The man walking in front of the camera, unable to see the girl anymore. The screen final ends on the knife, blood dripping of the edge.

In conclusion having flash backs will involve fast pace editing which reflects panic and confusion. The opening sequence does not yet reveal the whole story, leaving you on a cliffhanger. Not knowing if the man she is real or in the girls imagination, who is innocent or that someone has done something in their future that they are soon to regret. The dull and dark images/setting suggests that it is a thriller, with the flashes of scenes and the scratchy music gives away the psychological theme. As reaches mental climax, two character meet and then begins to makes your mind wander.


To open our clip we will have an odd, spooky soundtrack in the background. This eeriy music will set a mood to the scene. As the clip goes on it will become more intense.


  • Jenny would be suitable for the role of a vunrable girl because, she is a girl and looks like dweeb and is feeble. And he has plenty of practice in the fettle position.
  • Adam would be suitable for the role of the odd man because, she looks like a weeeener
  • Ruby would be suitable for the role of the camera woman because, he is bossy and is to much of a pussy to be on camera.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Logo for 'BlinK Productions' and exmple

Blink Productions logo;
We chose this image from google because then edited it using photoshop, changing the colour of the eye and adding text. We thought this was a good image to use as it fits with the the theme of our thriller. Its intense and the impact of the image makes you want to see more.

Village roadshow introduction;
The start of the clip its almost like you are in the logo because it seems like it is coming in from behind the camera. The yellow of the writing and shine on the logo seem expensive and more attractive. The image is of a V made very creatively and representing the name of the company. At the end it fades out back in to the black background. The music is a short magical tune which accompanies well with the style of writing.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Crime Thriller

Conventions of a Crime Thriller:

- Suspenseful account of successful or failed crimes
- Features murders/robberies/shoot outs/double cross
- Can glorify the rise and fall of a criminal- often based on real people
- Set in large crowded cities to provide the viewer with an insight into a secret world
- Characters have an ambitious desire for success or recognition
- Rivalry between binary characters is strong
- Many locations- seedy interior settings

Examples of Crime Thrillers:

- The Fugitive
- Kiss The Girls
- Reservoir Dogs
- Usual Suspects
- Double Jeopardy
- Murder By Numbers

Exampleof a Crime Thriller:

Monday, 18 January 2010

Analysis of other students thriller

'Reyond Reflections'

This opening sequence begins with a teenage girl staring at herself in a mirror , hence the title, so straight away it shows the audience the location. She starts to stoking her face like something is wrong but the scene suddenly skips to an opposite place of a grave yard and continues flashing back and forth. Lighting is dull and gloomy, so your eye automatically focuses on the girl, showing meaning to the sequence. Titles appear in write writing so it contrasts against the background. The writing looks almost like its been leaking down the screen. The next shot shows someones legs walking past the camera, this is filmed from a low angle. The shots are held steady demonstrating technique. The shots are varied, such as close ups, medium and long shots, boosting up their grade. An guitar has been recorded over as the music, with the occastional sudden boom added in which makes you feel more on edge. The editing cuts between these two locations for a time, showing the artermath of the mirror and young girl. It closes up on her palm, blood over her and te mirror. Through this opening sequence the link between the different settings become more familiar, however I believe this is a good opening becuase it drags you in and makes you want to watch the actul film.

'The Return'

The first few seconds of this thriller it shows many different camera shots, in addition the camera is help steady so it is easy to watch. As it closes up in the eye, the music suddendy goes scractchy making more of a sudden impact. They have used their editing and effects of the eye using the computer extremely well. Although on some ocastions the write writing clashes with the light background, they have used a spookey type face. Rather than like most the previous students thrillers, using a very ordinary look flashing from scene to scene, the effect of the screen almost turns into an old fastioned movie; making it abit delotional. The location is isolated so is great for the theme of a thriller. You are able to see a similarity between the locations in the film although it plays tricks on your mind with the flicking camera edits and makes you wonder.

Mark scheme for Thriller opening

Level 4 - TOP GRADE 48/60
Demonstrate excellence in:

- editing so meaning is apparent to the viewer
- using varied shot transitions ad effects
- using sound with images
- using titles appropriately
- recording voices clearly, in studio/studio set, location
- holding a shot steady
- framing a shot
- using a variety of shot differences
- shooting material appropriate to task set
- selecting appropriate mise en scene

In an opening sequence:

- indroducing main characters
- revealing the themes of the film
- indrocducing a theme/setting to the film
- have an idea of the narrative structure
- the music should indercate the genre of the film
- indication of the characters personalities

Friday, 15 January 2010

Action Thriller

The action thriller i chose to evaluate was die hard 1. It is a fast paced action packed movie in which John McClain (Bruce Willis) has to rescue his wife from terrorists. The antagonists are terrorists and the protagonists.

I Robot Analysis

The action thriller, I Robot involves typical goodies and baddies although there is an unusual twist. The robots who have been trained to do the humans 'dirty work' such as being bin men, suddenly turn bad because of one man, it begins to be a fight between the the two.

The music in the trailer begins before the action has even started, the non-diagetic sound track is a dramatic and sudden. The first few words said is by Will Smith, the main character in the film introducing himself. Following onto a close up of him pulling the ignition on his motorbike racing past everyone on the roads, even just this shot suggests power and that this character has control. A robot appears at his door when it opens, he pushes it away, dismissing this new invention and its 'clever programming'. Soon on the equalibrium of the story is disrupted by these 'imertations of free will', determinded to take over the humans and robots to rule. However not all the robots are bad.

Will Smith does not seek the action, although when it comes he does everything to try to dimolish it, especially when his family is involved.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Pyschological Thriller

Whats involved in a Psychological Thriller:

-Danger on mostly a mental level rather than a physical level
-2 or more characters preying on each others minds or one solitary character with mental struggles.
- Characters will have fear or fascination with death.
-Characters try and discover own purpose.
-Narrative, confusion over what is real and what is not.

'The Game' is a psychological thriller. We can tell this from the trailer by various micro elements, such as, the ambient non-diagetic sound of the tense music which accompanies the drama.
The title suggests playing a game which sets the theme for the movie. Various camera angles and techniques help to make the movie more extreme and exciting. It begins with a narrator.

Political Thriller

Political Thriller
Threat set against a backdrop of a political power struggle
-plots are designed to give political power to someone whilst opponents try to prevent this
-two sets of characters often set in office whilst others set in action


The opening scene depicts a country in financial struggle this is

Micro Elements of Seven

There are many different micro elements in the film Seven, which, collectively add up to make the film into a thriller including camera angles. The film starts off with a close up of a Morgan Freeman's face then skips too an over the shoulder shot of him putting his tie on in the mirror. During this time sound begins to pick up, deep ambient sound almost resembling a heart beat. His slow movements show he has things running through his mind. Brad Pitt enters, non-diegetic music is happening in the background, the detectives radio's making rustling sounds, clocks beginning to tick, suggesting time is running out. As the credits appear on the scream, bass kicks in mixed with odd robotic sounds, ocastional screaming

Monday, 11 January 2010

Vertigo (classic thriller analyalis)


This clip addresses the conventions of a classic thriller in the way that it opens with a man running away from the police and then getting into a very sticky situation. This man, from what we can gather, is obviously the protagonist. The police are pursuing the man for reasons unknown. The music is suspenseful which makes the audience on edge from the very start.

Friday, 8 January 2010

This is the ending to Godzilla. The micro elements in the clip help to define it as a Thriller.

Preliminary Task

This is the finalized version of our preliminary task. We found this alot easier and quicker to film compared to our first one. This is mainly due to our editing skills on the computer, using final-cut express. As we finished creating our preliminary we had plently of time during the same lesson to edit our fotage. I belive that doing a prelimainary task boosts your knoledge about the types of shots you need to involve in such a simple clip and I feel more confident with ideas. When we come to creating our thriller, I think we all will be able to peform becuase it will be famiar to us.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Preliminary Task Storyboard

Our storyboard is an example of each individual shot and how we will go about doing them. It is also shows where it is located and our actions. We will be shooting our task in college grounds.

Actors - Ruby and Adam
Camera man- Charlie

Prelimainary Task, shot examples

We have found examples of each type of shot involved in the Prelimainary Task.


This is an example of an establishing shot. This shot introduces the setting well with a long shot pan showing the technology being used and where the film is located.


Close up gives more impact to the scene and makes it feel more intense. In addition it puts the character into the setting.


This shot links the character to the location by giving several different angles in just one place/room. You are able to see what it would be like from that persons perspective.


This is a good example because it emphazies the actors facial expressions to see how the other character/s have influenced them.


This gives the audience an idea about the surrounds and where they may be. It also lets yu able to see whole character in one shot.


This clip is good because it uses 180 degree rule over shoulder so the camera is hidden from the audience but shows both characters.